Here is where I land


I have been studying yoga for six years now and halfway through my fifth year of practicing, I decided, out of the blue, I was ready for my teacher training. I wasn’t looking for any certain end result, but I had been struggling with an enormous amount of anxiety and stress and it was way  more than I knew what to do with. By the way of life, I had a chance encounter with a new friend who told me about teacher training at Samahdi Yoga. And it was exactly where I needed to be. I decided I was ready to learn, and new that I would gain so much more than the knowledge of how to teach a physical yoga practice.

There has been no magic fix to my problems. I still very much deal with overwhelming stress, but I have learned new ways to respond to them. My anxiety has lessened so much through talking, writing and learning. Having a support system of like minded people was what I needed to blossom. This is what I have been waiting for. I have been waiting for me. This whole time I have been hoping for some kind of realization or great job or massive creative inspiration and was constantly feeling left down and dissapointed in myself. Imaging that my life was nothing and would be going nowhere special, if anywhere at all.

Well Fuck That. I am that. I am ready to burst. There is so much love and excitement and curiosity inside that I know could create and share truly important things with the world. I want to share kindness, kindness towards oneself, kindness towards the earth, kindness to strangers. I want to share truth. I want to explore wisdom of the earth and our bodies. Food systems. Native American medicine and tradition. Yoga.

I’ll share it here. For me, and for you, if you’re out there.


How lucky am I?

This morning as I huddled in bed, not yet ready to start my day, I was reminded of my great luck in this world. The smell of fresh brewed coffee, set on a timer for the early workday, was filling the apartment with such an inviting smell. And then I was hit with a realization stronger than any caffeine buzz. I am blessed and lucky as hell. I have a job to go to, hot coffee to wake me up and warm me up, a car to drive to work and a closet full of clothes to dress myself in. Warm socks and shoes or a glass of water would make some in this world feel as lucky as I do now. So- I’m happy to have this space to remind myself of my daily blessings and really be grateful for everything I already have.